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Okay okay, that’s enough out of me. You’ve heard it all through my own words, but what if you hear it from someone else?

It’s stressful picking a photographer, I even feel stressed online shopping for clothes, so having reviews can help solidify your worries.

Here are some sweet words from a few of my beautiful couples of 2018:


Jess & Cole

Cole and I were 100% satisfied with Taryn’s services. Everyone who sees our pictures has said, “wow the photographer did a great job!” Taryn was very easy to work with and to talk to. We spoke about what kind of ‘vibe’ we were going for and she completely got us. She worked really well with all of our other vendors (videographer, wedding coordinator, hair & make up, and DJ) and I think that played a role in helping everything flow smoothly and essentially our wedding going off with out a hitch :) When it comes to getting everyone together for large photos it can be hectic, but I loved that Taryn took control and reigned everyone in. For once I wasn’t the bossy one :) All I can say is thank you thank you thank you Taryn!!! We will cherish our photos forever and I will definitely be contacting Taryn for other major life events <3

-The Millars



Brooke & Zach

Taryn is about as cool as they come as a photographer. She took both our engagement photos and our wedding photos and they were nothing short of spectacular. She knows exactly what she is doing in both settings and was a total pro in wrangling and organizing our large groups of people to make the early parts of the day happen quickly and efficiently as well as must making us as a couple feel totally comfortable no matter what type of photo we were taking. You'd be missing out on something amazing if you didn't hire her for your special day.


The Hendricksons


Mattie & Jake

Taryn is a true talent in many forms, whether it be singing, modeling, marketing, or photographing. I am fortunate to have known her for many years before working together, but even then, was still extremely nervous to get in front of her lens...I know how good she is and how beautiful the people and settings she captures are...How could I/my event live up to that? Nevertheless, my fiance (now husband) were planning a casual park party type wedding reception and knew we wanted Taryn to photograph the day for us. She completely supported our non-traditional vision (no ceremony, no dances, etc.), and captured every detail, and our family and friends so beautifully and candidly. She even made the more intimate photos so comfortable and fun for my husband and me, neither of whom had ever taken professional couple photos. Somehow she sees the perfect light, finds all the best natural props, and accentuates the right details, no matter the circumstances (trekking through knee deep leaves and weeds, working with nervous/awkward subjects, etc.). Seriously, Taryn works magic. We love all of our photos, even the ones of us, which says a lot! Thank you a million times over, I'm looking forward to finding another reason to have Her take photos for us!


Mattie & James



Danielle & Kevin

Taryn just gets it. We are super awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera and from the get-go Taryn made us feel so at ease. She's great at giving you direction while still allowing the images to feel natural and less "posed".  And the jokes just roll outta her which totally helps to offer up authentic smiles and lighten the mood. The complimentary engagement photos serve as a great warmup and the images turned out better than we could have ever imagined. We weren't looking for stuffy, cookie-cutter wedding photos and wanted something a little more edge-y, moody and organic and Taryn hit the nail on the head from start to finish. She is insanely creative with her shots, can gracefully command a crowd (aka our crazy family), and was super timely with editing. Need I say more? You won't be disappointed with choosing her to document your special day!"

-Danielle & Kevin



My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Taryn for our engagement shoot and wedding photos. We were drawn to her organic photography style and her unique eye for utilizing natural light in all it's raw splendor. She is a truly talented artist in this regard. Not only did we find her professionalism impressive, but she brought out the fun and joy in taking wedding photos! We were grateful to get to know her easy going style and what to expect from her with our engagement shoot prior to the big wedding day, which alleviated some of the stress that can be involved in wedding planning. Beyond the beautiful moments she captured of my husband and I, she seemed to have an innate intuition of where to be at the right time throughout the event in order to capture special candid moments of our guests, the surrounding scenery, and the décor. Everyone was at ease having her around, and the way she memorialized one of the best days of our lives did not disappoint. We were blown away by the quality of her work. We still (over a year later) regularly receive compliments on the amazing photographs she produced. Since then we have continued to admire the many other facets of her photography work (especially her fashion photography!) through her website and social media. Her gift with the lens extends to many genres. We are excited to have her do our family photos now that my husband and I have had a baby! If you are lucky enough to have found Taryn, do not miss the opportunity to support this incredible artist. You won't regret it. 

~Scarlett & Eric

Scarlett & Eric


Angela & Toby

Our wedding photos from Taryn are absolutely MAGICAL. Not only are they beautiful, but the creativity and effort that she put into us on our wedding day is incredible. She always had us laughing, smiling, and feeling even more love for each other, which she was able to get us to show in our photos. She constantly had so many ideas and tools to add that special element to our photos, and now we have the most amazing pictures to cherish for the rest of our lives. 

-Angela & toby