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 Hi everyone!


My name is Taryn Dudley and I am a freelance photographer located In

Los Angeles and the beautiful Central Coast of California.

In a nut shell, my life is nothing short of creative.

I graduated college with a Bachelors degree in music business, found my heart and soul working in the fashion industry, and then grew to eventually make photography my career choice & one true love.

(also partially due to chronic boredom from knee surgery & quality time on my mother's couch)

Memories and photos are EVERYTHING to me, and obviouslyyy you probably feel the same since you've wandered over to my page here..? Maybe..?

Photos, to me, signify who we are and who we want to be.

So let's break away from memories of those awkward yearbook catastrophes and Instagram selfies and turn them into something your mama is proud to hang on her precious wall shrines. 


Before you dive in,

remember that I always try to keep a carefree environment, with the dorkiest of smiles, some major bad jokes and an all around comfort zone when you’re in front of my lens.

Let’s have an adventure together, shall we?